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Composing is my passion. Beethoven, Mozart and The Doors are my heroes.

We all hear music every day. But isn’t it a little bit strange? I mean music consists only of some notes on a sheet paper or on a screen. So what’s about this? But if there are set in the right proportion to each other, they can build an emotional holography in which you can immerse yourself. No words are necessary and you don’t need to understand, but you can feel it!

All my music is available on YouToube, Spottify, DEEZER, iTunes and Amazon or with a discount in my shop on cdbaby . Thanks for listening.

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Kobold Etude updated to v1.2

News 28.05.2015

Better tempo.   

Kobold Etude just send to MusicaNeo

News 28.05.2015

It's a tribute to Chopions beautiful Op 25 No.1, but it is even more difficult to play. 24.4.2015: this is my first release anyway! :-) ...

The secret of the number

Article 28.05.2015

For me is the melody the most important part in music. It's like the statement of a philosophical idea. All other things, like harmony, rhythm or text, are ordered around this core. If you have something to say, you need to do it clear and simple to ...